Bases, Harvesters, Schematics, Oh My

11/15/14 – Bases, Harvesters, Schematics, Oh My

Hello, and welcome back to Team Beep Boop’s blog.  Of course just like every Saturday we started at 8 a.m, which just like every Saturday is too early.   A LOT got done today, from plans being put into action, new ones being made, and new things created and attached.

Neil, Kristine, and Alex started the day finishing and attacking the aluminum baseplate for our bucket, the aluminum is highly bendable and they had to be careful to make sure it did’t ruin. Meanwhile, I copied Megan’s and my own ideas from yesterday onto a sheet of paper, and then gave it to Sarah for the notebook.  I followed up on this having a lengthy conversation with Mr. Mugno on choices we need to make as a team like:

Should would be more protective or public about our ideas and our team?

Based off this, how should we run the team and make specific choices?

My perspective was that we should share more of our ideas and reach out to other teams to share our wealth of knowledge we have developed over the years.  Mugno agreed with me, however we should still have a conversation as a whole team and a meeting will be planned involving representatives from all three teams.

Back inside of the building room, Sarah, after working on the notebook, started to build our new spinner, a smaller more compact version to make our lives easier when building. The plan is to feed the balls into the harvester, push them up a chute, and into a bucket.  The bucket will the raise up on the scissor lift, tilt, and score.  While Sarah built the harvester, the others worked on folding the plastic chute to launch up the balls.

Megan, arriving late due to faulty alarm clocks, started to work on a 3D part to drag around the rolling goals, while I started (with zero knowledge) working on a wiring schematic on Digikey Scheme-it.  Luckily, Neil came to the rescue and gave me a quick crash course on how to use Scheme-it and before you know it, we now have a proper schematic.  Unfortunately, during this endeavour Neil and I almost lost the schematic trying to log on to our account.

We finished the day trying to attach the bucket, chute, and harvester, however we did not finish and will continue it next meeting.

Regardless of the point, much was accomplished today, and even more set up for the future, once the wiring is done I can start programming the scissor lift and bucket, and the others can put the finishing touches, unless something goes wrong (knock on metal).

-John Poulos 10th Grade